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Pauls Message to You

     Look down from Twin Peaks and see San Francisco, the impressive skyline framed by the bay in the background. What a magnificent sight, breathtaking and awesome. But, unfortunately like a lot of beautiful things the closer you look, the less attractive they become.

Let's try it. Zoom in slowly you begin to see heavy traffic congestion. You can see dug up streets and unfinished projects all over town. As if they floated down and landed like leaves, hundreds if not thousands of steel plates litter the city's streets. 

     Zoom in a little more. We can see rampant, out of control homelessness come into view, as well as thousands and thousands of addicts shooting heroin, smoking meth and crack out in the open in broad daylight. Look there! A man smashing a car window. Over there, an elderly woman slammed to the ground for her purse, and there, another man running out of a store with an armful of stolen jeans.

     Zoom in another click. Let's look at our roads. Bumpy, uneven, and pockmarked, many appear to have moguls like a ski slope. There are potholes, potholes, potholes everywhere! Hundreds of thousands of them. No, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you, those are potholes in Pac Heights, St. Francis Wood and Forest Hill. Litter everywhere, strewn and blown all over town from overturned garbage and recycling bins and from uncaring litterbugs. Broken glass from a car window on our streets and sidewalks. Is that a five-gallon bucket of human feces tipped over and left to ooze out into the gutter to have the rain wash it down the storm drain. Used, bloody heroin needles discarded for someone else to pick up or worse. How many mice and rats are there running around in homes and businesses downtown? Half a million? A million?

     Zoom all the way down, past the bedbugs, ticks, to the fleas. Typhus, plague, Hepatitis A to E, just washing down the street into our drains.

     The good thing, with the right direction all these horrible issues we saw as we took a closer look, can be resolved very quickly I believe. We have the money! We need someone to make sure the money is used wisely, to make sure that we protect our billions and refuse to continue to throw good money at projects that don't work for us.

     I believe I am the right person at the right time to make this happen. I plan to prove it to you, the great citizens of San Francisco. Please follow my campaign on social media and on my website to view my platform.

Semper Fidelis

Paul Robertson