Traffic Congestion

Uber is not the cause of our city's traffic congestion woes!

City leaders are wrong. In this now fast-paced, world-class city, citizens appreciate and have come to enjoy and rely on the convenience of ride-sharing services like Uber.

I am going to do this in bullet points to cut down the reading time and keep your attention!

First, the real causes

Second, common-sense solutions

- The taking away of traffic lanes, creating bottle-necks, like at Taylor Street, creating long backups.

- Vehicles blocking the box(intersection), trying to get to the Bay Bridge South of Market during evening rush hour.

- Delivery trucks, garbage trucks, street sweepers, blocking lanes on heavily used thruways like Bush, California, and Clay Street during rush hour.


- Unfinished projects everywhere like Van Ness Avenue and 4th Street and Stockton, "The Little Dig".

- Trying to make a right turn through those new, maze-like, death trap bike lanes on Folsom Street.

- Having to slow down so many times to not hit potholes and getting a blown-out tire, or having your axle snap.

- Bikes, scooters, skateboards, electric wheelchairs, one wheelers, mini bikes and whatever else you can think of that rolls. Zipping in and out in every lane and sometimes in every direction.

- The homeless on the street. In the middle of the street walking, dancing, standing, fighting, etc.

Common Sense Solutions

- Stop removing traffic lanes. Open and clear unobstructed lanes are the best.

- Allow rideshare drivers to use those blocks long, empty bus lanes when they have a passenger. It's time to get with the modern era of transportation.


- No deliveries, garbage pick-up, or street sweeping during rush hour in certain areas.


- Allow rideshare pick-ups at the bus stops, when a bus is not there.


- Enforce! the blocking of intersections during rush hour. 


- Also relief from the homeless no longer swarming the streets.

The current traffic policies are creating the gridlock and the road rage. I honestly do not understand it. The city should be looking at ways to make things easier for us. Not punish us. 

Finding real solutions,